07Delete layer in photoshop The way to delete a layer is almost the same as duplicating it as shown above. Just drag the unwanted layer into the Delete layerphotoshop delete layer icon, the layer will be deleted.
06Merge Layers in photoshop- Sometime you want to combine layer back into one piece. You can do so by merging the layer. There are 3 way to merge layer, Merge Layer, Merge Down and Merge Visible.
  • Merge Layer will merge all the selected layer into one layer.
  • Merge Down will merge the selected layer to its lower layer.
  • Merge Visible will merge all the visible layer into one layer.
  • 05Duplicate layer in photoshop The fastest way to duplicate a layer is to drag the source layer into the Create a new layer icon. It will duplicate the layer on top of its source layer.

    04Group layers in photoshop - When the number of layers grow too big, just the naming is not enough to keep the layers organize. You can group the layers. Ctrl+Click on the layers you want to assign into same group, then press Ctrl+G. Note that you can rename the group as you would do to layers. Double click on the group icon to bring up a Group properties dialog, you can change the name and assign identifying color to it.photoshop layer group

    photoshop lasso selection 03Creating new layer from existing image - Another way to create a layer is when you want to isolate part of the image for further editing or effect processing. We will use lasso tool for demonstration purpose here, more advance tutorial on the use of lasso tool will be discuss in other tutorial from this website. First, select the lasso tool photoshop lasso tool, then roughly draw around the edge of the flower(you may use any image you can find from your computer).

    Right click the selected area when you done with the lasso tool, select Layer via Copy or Layer via Cut. Both command will create a new layer with the selected image area in it, the only different is Layer via Cut will remove the selected image portion from the original image.

    photoshop rename layer

    02Rename Photoshop LayerThe first thing to do after you created the layer is give the layer a self describing name, to give the layer a name, you can double-click on the layer label, the label will then turn into text box for you to enter new name. The other way to give the layer a name is by right click on the layer and then select layer properties…, enter a new name into the Name field, note that you can assign color to the layer in this dialog box. The color is just for organization purpose, it will not effect the actual image that being editing.

    photoshop layer name

    Photoshop Tutorial Layer Basic

    This photoshop tutorial work as an introduction tutorial for beginner to understand the fundamental of photoshop layer, you can search for more advance photoshop layer tutorial in this website too.


    01Create new layer in Photoshop - The are few way to create layer. You can create empty layer for painting new content from scratch, or isolate part of the existing image into new layer. To create empty layer, click on the create a new layer button.

    photoshop create layer

    By utilizing Photoshop layer, you can quickly create a backup layer before trying out something, simply duplicate the layer to serve as a backup.

    Each layer opacity level can be adjust, you can apply this feature to use layer as a trace image.

    The benefit of the layer is only limited to our imagination. By using layers creatively, you can solve almost any image editing problem.

    Since photoshop can store multiple images in layers. You can edit multiple images in one PSD file. For example, the web designer want to create different color template and save as images for later discussion with the team. The web designer can store the web layout design in one layer, and store multiple effect and coloring in other layers, by turning on and off the layers, the web designer able to export web design of same layout in different color easily.

    Understanding photoshop layers

    You can think of layer is stack of individual images on you canvas. The render result display on canvas is depend on the opacity, order and position of each layer.

    Image area can be isolated into different layer for editing, that way you may edit or apply effect on particular part of the image.

    Every time you apply effect to your image, photoshop apply the effect on a new layer, that way your original image is still there, this is call non-destructive image editing. Series of effect can be apply on the image, each effect will be store in different layer, which the value of each effect can be go back and change anytime without effecting other layer. The final result of the image will be depend on the sum effect of all visible layer. Each layer that contain effect can be turn on and off for evaluation of the resulting images.

    photoshop layer

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